Boulevard Monument


Situated in the peaceful city of Dublin, CA, Boulevard is a masterplan community with collections of high-end condominiums and townhomes for sale, that cater to an active and social lifestyle. Homeowners enjoy amenity access to the 14,500 square foot rec center, swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center, playground and more. Residents can also enjoy 15 themed pocket parks and benefit from nearby BART stops, shopping and recreation including hiking, biking and horseback-riding on the Iron Horse Regional Trail.

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Boulevard Recreation center

Residents can enjoy the 14,500 square foot recreation center which offers amenities for both relaxing and getting active

Boulevard Fitness center

Stretch out on a mat for a workout at the fitness center

Boulevard Upstairs or downstairs at recreation center

Upstairs or downstairs, you’ll feel right at home with plenty of amenities and places to relax at the recreation center

Boulevard Recreation Center

Get together with friends and neighbors at the Boulevard masterplan’s recreation center

Boulevard Convivial Conversation

Take a seat for some convivial conversation at one of the many gathering spaces throughout the community

Boulevard Community Center

The community center offers a central meeting place to spend time with friends and family

Boulevard Community Center

The community center has plenty of spaces that can be used for work meetings

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